Getting started

Creating an account

You’ll need an account before getting started. This only takes a few seconds!

Go the signup page and fill in your details in the web form. Click Register and you’re good to go.

Adding your website

  1. Log into the Warpcache control panel on
  2. In the menu on the left click Vhosts.
  3. In the Vhost screen, you should see the New Vhost form. If not, press the blue Add new vhost button to open it.
  4. Fill in:

    • A label for your own CNAME (example creates
    • The location of your content in the Origin URL field (The origin url needs to contain either http:// or https://)
    • Add a path to a small file on your origin for monitoring purposes (e.g. /robots.txt, we’ll monitor that file for you)
    • Your alias (e.g.
  5. (optional) Select your product; SingleCDN or MultiCDN. In case you want to change the provider selection, click on advanced settings to adjust your mix.
    Vhost Create

  6. Click the Create vhost button to finish.


To verify if setup was successful, you can:

  • Use the vhost validation tool available in our portal
  • Enter the following curl command in your terminal: curl -I <label><monitoringfile>, or
  • Enter <label><monitoringfile> in a page tester, such as Pingdom’s.

Next steps

You can proceed to integrate using the host we provide you with, or first setup your own alias at your DNS provider.

Click here to view our integrations section, and here for a guide on how to set up your DNS.